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Comedic legend Jerry Lewis passed away over the weekend. Clark County, Nevada has now confirmed the cause of the 91-year-old’s death.

Lewis died of natural causes. Specifically, end-stage cardiac disease due to peripheral vascular disease caused his death. His heart became weak over time. There will not be an autopsy since he was under the care of his physician.

Even though Lewis’ heart is what failed him, it is also what defined him. Every Labor Day weekend for decades, we watched Jerry Lewis entertain us to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research. He raised billions to fight this childhood killer.

More information on Jerry Lewis’ life is in the video below.

Lewis is being remembered as the quintessential comedian. Jerry Seinfeld said if you don’t understand Jerry Lewis, you don’t understand comedy.

It’s rather ironic that Jerry Lewis died just days before Labor Day. Perhaps it’s our final reminder to carry on the laughter and his good work.

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