Faith Hill cancer

Friends and fans are concerned for Faith Hill after the country singer was forced to cancel a concert in Arkansas due to vocal cord complications.

An insider told Radar Online that friends are worried that Faith actually has throat cancer and her husband Tim McGraw is terrified of losing her.

Hopefully, these friends are just being incredibly overprotective and Faith will be fine after resting her voice. But, NY internist Dr. Stuart Fischer did mention to Radar Online there may be cause for concern.

“Throat cancer does affect the vocal cords early on in the disease,” Fischer said. “That’s the only way you might detect it, as you can’t really feel the larynx, since there aren’t really any nerves there.”

It certainly may not be cancer, however. “If it’s not cancer, she could develop throat polyps, which can rupture, and really are a singer’s worst fear!” Fischer continued.

Faith Hill is one of the most successful country singers of all time, selling over 40 million records worldwide. Her voice is her livelihood so any impact on it would change the course of her life. You can watch her video for “Breathe” below.

Hopefully, it isn’t cancer and she can quickly recover from whatever is stressing her throat. I certainly will be praying for her!

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