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Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are excited to meet their daughter. The Little People, Big World stars are preparing to meet their first child at the end of this month.

With the due date being just four weeks away, the couple has started taking birthing classes. Audrey is apparently not having a scheduled C-Section like her sister-in-law Tori did when she gave birth to Jackson a few weeks ago.

Jackson has dwarfism and those children tend to have larger heads at birth, increasing the need for a C-Section. Audrey and Jeremy have previously said it is almost impossible their daughter will be a little person. Even though Jeremy and Zach are twins, Jeremy has inherited their father’s recessive gene. This means if their children were to have dwarfism, it would require Audrey to carry the gene as well. She does not.

Audrey and Jeremy have been very open with their pregnancy journey. The pair celebrates and promotes their Christian marriage to help others. This is central to their family.

We live in an age where commitment is resisted. Marriage and it’s fruit is frowned upon because it demands sacrifice – but nothing worth having doesn’t require sacrifice. Men, there are a million beautiful, smart and strong women out there waiting for a man, not a boy. Often the distinction is pursuit and commitment. If you find a women worth marrying, make her feel worth marrying! Culture promotes men cowering in corners because they find more pleasure in pride than pursuit. The women of your dreams is often on the other side of a long, sometimes hard and difficult pursuit. Denial is apart of life, but a woman worth marrying is worth patiently and purposefully pursuing – and she’s likely waiting for that man to show up. “For he who finds a wife finds a good thing.” Proverbs 18:22. #beating50percent #stayingido

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Audrey shared an Instagram picture of their daughter’s nursery. Audrey is seen sitting in a chair admiring her baby belly. It’s a beautiful picture that highlights how excited she is to hold her baby in her arms.

It will be so sweet to see this family of three together. The love Audrey and Jeremy have for each other and their daughter is incredibly evident. It is so wonderful to see a young couple bound so tightly by their faith and love.

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