Little Miss Bliss has taken the WWE women’s division by storm ever since she was called up to the main roster in the 2016 WWE Draft. She made history as the first woman to hold both the SmackDown and Raw women’s titles, she’s definitely in my top three as far as WWE’s female superstars go.

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Here are five fast facts you might not have known about the Five Feet of Fury.

1. She Was a Division 1 Cheerleader

Like so many other WWE Superstars, Bliss was already an accomplished athlete before making the jump to pro wrestling. While she participated in softball, track, kickboxing, and gymnastics, Bliss truly excelled in competitive cheerleading. She reached Division 1 status in the sport at the University of Akron.

2. She Survived a Life-Threatening Eating Disorder

In a 2014 interview with WWE, Bliss revealed that she nearly died of an eating disorder when she was 15:

“A lot of people probably don’t know this, but I have struggled with a life-threatening eating disorder in the past,” she admitted.

At one point, Alexa had lost as much as 30 pounds in just six weeks before being rushed to the hospital after her heartbeat dropped to just 28 beats a minute.

“The doctors saved my life. From that point on, I made a decision to love myself and had to accept that it’s OK to be different,” she said.

We’re definitely glad Bliss made that decision!

3. She Was A Competitive Bodybuilder

After several years of living at a healthy weight, Bliss, unfortunately, suffered a relapse of her eating disorder in college. It was then that she turned to bodybuilding as a way to maintain her health.

With the help of trainers Natalie Calland and Mike Davies, Bliss threw herself into bodybuilding full-force, and at the time she became the youngest woman in history to earn a pro card.

4. She Made Her WrestleMania Debut Alongside Triple H

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Long before Bliss became the first woman to hold both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championships, she made her WrestleMania debut alongside Triple H in 2014. Bliss, along with Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks, accompanied the “King of Kings” in his bad ass WrestleMania 30 entrance. I’m not sure what to call them – Concubines? Warrior princesses? – but that’s a pretty spectacular way to get your first taste of the grandest stage of them all.

5. Her Mother Tried to Use Chyna to Discourage a WWE Tryout


Bliss told her parents that she wanted to try out for WWE in 2013, and her mother immediately tried to discourage her – but she did it in a pretty strange way. In a WWE-produced documentary, Bliss’s mother revealed that she warned her daughter she’d be crushed by larger women like Chyna if she joined WWE. Obviously, that didn’t stop Bliss, and now she’s one of the top women in the entire company.

There are tons more interesting facts about Little Miss Bliss than what I just listed here, and I’m sure we’ll learn even more about her on the upcoming season of “Total Divas.”

What do you think of Alexa Bliss? Is she worthy of the push given to her by WWE? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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