Sig Hansen

Many wondered if Captain Sig Hansen would return to the sea after having a heart attack on his boat last year. Hanson’s love of the water won out and he’s back on Deadliest Catch. But, the most recent episode had viewers concerned that he had another heart attack at sea.

The Captain apparently suffered chest pains. At the end of the episode, Hansen called his wife and said, I have muscle pain and I have rib pain on the back side…”I don’t know if I have it again.”

He took a nitroglycerin pill and told the cameras, “I was feeling pain … I’m feeling all tight and painful. It’s f—ing freaking me out. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Fans are going to have to wait to see what happened, but as of this writing there has been no official word on his condition. It would be alarming if he had a second heart attack at sea. Hopefully that wasn’t the case.

Last year, Sig’s heart attack was caught on camera. He was clearly stressed out and the fact that he wasn’t on land likely made him more anxious. You can watch video of last year’s heart attack below.

Watching him in pain made me squirm. Hopefully, that wasn’t the same outcome from this week’s episode. He sure could use some prayers.

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