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Shaquille O’Neal posted a pretty hilarious video for LaVar Ball, the father of L.A. Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball. Ball had challenged O’Neal to a basketball game to prove who is greater.

In the throw down video, Shaq is wearing a blonde wig and lip syncing to Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away.” Shaq accepted Ball’s challenge. Shaq and his 17-year old son, Shareef are going to be playing pitted against LaVar and his 15-year old son LaMelo.

Shaq is so confident that he and Shareff will beat the Balls that he promised to glue the wig to his head if the Balls win. You can see the hilarious Instagram video below.

While this is hilarious, I wonder what Carrie Underwood thinks about it! I’m certainly cheering for Shaq to win. He doesn’t look great as a blonde!

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