san antonio police shooting

The city of San Antonio is reeling today after two of its police officers were shot after an intense shootout, resulting in the death of one of the officers.

Officer Miguel Moreno, who was injured in the shootout Thursday, died from his injuries on Friday morning, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

During a news conference on Friday, Police Chief William McManus expressed his shock at Moreno’s death saying “Imagine one of your relatives shot on the street for no reason.”

The shootout occurred after Moreno and his partner Julio Cavazos saw a car that looked like it had been broken into and stopped to talk with two individuals near the car.

According to reports, “as soon as officer Moreno got out of the car on the driver’s side, one of the suspects walked toward him and the other immediately shot at him.”

Moreno was shot in the face and immediately collapsed to the ground. His partner was shot in the chin but managed to shoot one of the suspects, who was later found dead.

The man who was with the alleged shooter was arrested but eventually released after questioning.

This is a horrific tragedy that could had been avoided had the suspect simply complied with police instructions. These two officers did nothing wrong and were simply doing their job.

Police around this country put their lives on the line every day, and none of them deserve to be treated like this.

The entire nation prays for the families of the two police officers and the entire San Antonio community.

Source: Fox 5 San Antonio

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