Ivanka Danisová

Ivanka Danisová has attempted to cover up half of her face her entire life. The 30-year-old Slovakian attorney has undeveloped cranial bones because she has Goldenhar Syndrome.

She dealt with an onslaught of criticism from bullies as child. In addition to the nasty comments she received, she had to fight for her life, as the condition can be fatal. It can affect internal organs, leading to serious and fatal complications.

Ivanka has had two reconstructive surgeries in the United States. She will soon be having her third and final surgery to help give her a more normal life and prevent her from having to hide her face.

These surgeries are incredibly expensive. A Go Fund Me page was launched to help her cover the expenses. People took pictures of themselves covering half of their face to help spread awareness for Ivanka and others with Goldenhar Syndrome. A promotional video for her fundraiser is below.

Hopefully, this final surgery gives Ivanka a new lease on life. It is terrible to think that anyone feels the need to cover their face, but unfortunately, there are plenty of cruel people in this world. I certainly will be praying for Ivanka’s recovery.

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Source: Daily Mail

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