Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has been retired from wrestling ever since he suddenly left the company in 2014. Punk said that he was done with wrestling and has no desire to return. Instead, he focused on an MMA career.

Even when he retired, a lot of fans and wrestlers thought the entire situation was a “work” designed to build to an eventual feud between Triple H and WWE. There was speculation that Punk would take a year or two off, get to pursue his UFC dream, and then return to the WWE. That turned out to not be the case.

Last year, Punk debuted for UFC and up-and-comer Mickey Gall destroyed him.

Punk was embarrassed by a no-name who got paid way less than he did. Dana White, the head of the UFC, said that Punk would not be fighting for the promotion again. This lead to speculation as to what Punk would do next. Punk recently starred on a reality competition show, but could he be returning to wrestling? Jim Ross has recently said that Punk still had a passion for wrestling, and could have an opportunity to wrestler outside of the promotion of WWE.

Piling on has been Punk’s Twitter back-and-forth and Nick and Matt Jackson, the tag team known as the Young Bucks.

Just yesterday, in the build-up to the Young Buck’s wrestling a massive New Japan show on American Soil, The Bucks sent out this tweet:

The Young Bucks are considered the biggest draw on the independent circuit right now. Punk is on friendly terms with them and several other independent stars. Punk himself has “never say never”‘d the speculation in the past about returning to wrestling.

The New Japan shows in California on Saturday and Sunday, July 1st and 2nd are considered the biggest in the company’s history. They are looking to make serious in-roads into the United States wrestling market. This is just the beginning.

Is CM Punk returning?

We have no idea. But the build is coming. Even during Punk’s infamous “pipebomb” he mentioned moving to New Japan Pro Wrestling. He’s wrestled in Japan before and has shown an affinity for the style. If Punk debuted during NJPW’s American shows, it would dominate and take over the wrestling scene. It would prove that the Japanese promotion was willing to go right at WWE.

Should CM Punk return?

Yes. He has the passion and the physical skill to compete. He is still a massive name and has a gigantic fan base in and out of the WWE. He’s always talked about bringing change to pro-wrestling. What better way than to flip the script and face-off against WWE.  Punk can do whatever he wants. He can retire, or he can compete and push himself. He is not a person who wants to sit around and do nothing all day. He wants to prove he can be the best in the world. What better way than to make a dramatic return to wrestling?


What do you think? Is CM Punk about to return? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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