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Tyler Shields, the photographer who took the pictures of Kathy Griffin holding a bloodied Donald Trump head, is doubling down on his “art.”

TMZ talked to Shields at the upscale Gelson’s supermarket in Los Angeles. The photographer tried to pull up his hoodie to avoid the press but they weren’t going to let him get away so easily. Once confronted, he said artists have to stand by their work even when things get heated.

TMZ asked him “What do you think about the backlash with the whole thing with Ms. Griffin?” His initialy responded, “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

They then followed up with a question about Griffin losing her job at CNN. He showed no sympathy for Griffin’s loss.

He responded, “I got nothing to say. I’m sorry.” When pressed he finally responded, “When you make art you gotta stand by it…I can’t censor myself man.”

He finally broke the interview off, “I’m going to go home, eat my ice cream, and hide out.”

Unlike Shields, Griffin begged for forgiveness before lawyering up.


Shields refuses to apologize for his threatening art. He made these comments as the “struggling artist” loaded his groceries into his extremely expensive Range Rover.

It is against the law to threaten the President, yet Shields and Griffin went ahead with their disgusting stunt anyways. Griffin had previously stated that she believed violent imagery resulted in violence. Perhaps that was their intent. The Secret Service should continue investigating this, particularly since Shields said he will continue with these types of photos.

If President Obama was targeted in this manner, Shields and Griffin would be called racists. But, now we have a Republican president, they believe it’s acceptable. How appalling!

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Source: TMZ

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