Rosie O'Donnell Reality Winner

Rosie O’Donnell is so obsessed with harming Donald Trump that’s she’s supporting traitor Reality Winner. The former funny woman donated to a Go Fund Me for the NSA leaker, and is continually promoting the fundraiser on Twitter.

Rosie pinned a link to the traitor’s fundraiser to the top of her Twitter page. She is encouraging donations.

Even with Rosie’s promotion of the fundraiser, it hasn’t met its goal yet. Apparently, most Americans are hesitant to donate to a traitor who wants to harm our country’s national security in an attempt to hurt the president.

She’s going to need a heck of a lot more money than that to raise a defense against the FBI! You would think that Rosie’s liberal Hollywood friends and followers would be jumping to open their wallets, but it’s not really happening!

The video below has more information about Rosie’s favorite traitor and the charges Reality is facing. The reality is that this loser is likely going to be behind bars for a decade!

I love that Rosie’s fire power doesn’t seem to working with this fundraising effort. With all the liberals intent on taking down our president, they can’t even raise $10,000 for this traitor!

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