Renee Young Not Returning to Total Divas

Renee Young will not return to the new season of Total Divas.

Even though many people loved seeing Renee Young in Total Divas, the WWE commentator and presenter has announced she won’t be appearing in the next season. Here’s the story.

Twitter Announcement

On Twitter, Renee announced she will not be returning to the next season. Her announcement comes with the release of the new cast, which I’ll elaborate on below.

With Renee not returning for the next season on Total Divas, I believe the WWE has given up on wrestling plans for the commentator. A rivalry between Dean & Renee and Miz & Maryse would have been great though.

New Additions

Renee Young Total Divas

Even though Renee has said goodbye to Total Divas, there are some reasons to be excited about the new season. The WWE has announced the new additions, and I couldn’t be happier about them.

Renee Young Total Divas

The first new addition for the Total Divas cast is none other than Alexa Bliss. Since her appearance on the main roster, Alexa has taken the women’s division by storm. Despite a horrible segment a couple of weeks ago, it seems like nothing can stop the rise of Bliss within the WWE. It will definitely be interesting see a more personal side of this fierce WWE superstar.

Renee Young Total Divas

In addition to Miss Bliss, we will also get Nia Jax in Total Divas. She was one of my top picks to join the cast, because I believe she could benefit from some of the exposure she’ll get through the show. I also believe she is an excellent role model for many women out there, who may not be rake skinny, but are gorgeous nonetheless.

With the new cast in place, I don’t feel that bad about Renee leaving the show. Even though I loved seeing her and Dean tearing it up in Total Divas, I think Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax will bring more excitement to the show again.

The Paige Conundrum

Renee Young total divas

Even though the new cast is lined up, there’s still no word fromĀ WWE or E! regarding Paige. Many believe that the sex scandal is the cause for her current absence, but her attitude is the biggest problem according to most.

Renee Young Total Divas

The problem with Paige is her association with Del Rio. Del Rio is acting like a spoiled brat and throwing unfounded accusations at WWE – and making Paige look bad in the process.

Even though Paige hasn’t spoken out about the WWE in person, she is sharing some of Del Rio’s rants on her social media. And unfortunately, that makes her look less than good in the eyes of wrestling promoters and the E! network.

So, will Paige return to Total Divas? Time will tell!

What do you think about the new line-up for Total Divas? Do you like the new additions, or would you have liked someone else joining the cast? Let us know your unsalted opinions in the comment section below!

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