puppy hugs owner

A dog is a man’s best friend, or so the saying goes. That statement rings true no matter what continent you are on in the world. If you treat them right, dogs will become your most trusted and loyal best buddy.

However, you have to treat them right. If you have a girlfriend and you decide to hug her in the dog’s presence, there could be some push back like the one in the video below.

This 10-month-old puppy saw his best friend hugging some strange woman and smartly cut in like a gangsta. It almost reminded me of a jealous beau at a school dance.

Watch this clip below:

Credit: Rumble Video

Is it me or is that an overgrown puppy? I don’t remember them being that big and with that said, I might tend to give in to the beastly animal until it was sleep. That way, there won’t be any problems.

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