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In today’s anything goes world we should expect the unexpected. But, it’s hard to wrap your mind around a pregnant man under any sort of situation even when it is Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior.

Trystan Reese is a transgendered man. Trystan was born a female but decided to live life as a man. But, she kept all her reproductive parts. And because our world isn’t crazy enough, Trystan is now pregnant.

Trystan and her partner Biff Chaplow have two adopted children, but they wanted to try to have one naturally. Maybe naturally isn’t the right word for this.

After having a miscarriage in 2016, the pair tried to get pregnant again. Now, Trystan is in the third trimester.

They report they haven’t experienced any “transphobia” during the pregnancy. Nobody has even so much as scratched their head over this according to them.

Excuse, me but this is a pregnant man (really a woman because men cannot get pregnant; it’s biologically impossible). If ever there was something to be wondering WTF over, it would be this.

And many people are:

They discuss the pregnancy in the video below.

In another video on their Facebook page Biff and I, Trystan explains what it’s like to be a pregnant transgendered man.

This child is going to have a heck of a lot of questions when he gets older.

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