Mormon Missionary armed robbery

An armed robber made a grave mistake when he thought a Mormon missionary would be a soft target for some easy cash. This thug got some street style biblical justice from the man he thought would be a pushover.

Rather than handing over his cash, the Mormon missionary waits until the robber’s back is by the building. Then he makes his move.

The Mormon was so effective that his shirt didn’t even untuck during the melee! You can see the missionary give the robber the “right hand of fellowship and the left hand of dental work,” before “he threw the gun away to restrain his brother from sin” in the video below.

The video also has terrific advice in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation and how you can go about getting out of it!


Boy, those thugs picked the wrong people to mess with! Being religious doesn’t mean you’re a wimp. People of faith are allowed to defend themselves. Bravo to this missionary for fighting back!

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