mirror in jungle

Animals are territorial and when they feel threatened, they attack physically or with loud noises to scare off their competition.

But what happens when these jungle animals happen to see themselves in the distance? How will they react?

A mirror was placed in the jungle, and many of the animals passed by as if nothing had happened, but the same can’t be said for every animal.

For one brief second, I didn’t think the mirror was going to make it but I will let you watch the video below and you can tell me in the comment section what you thought.


Credit: Caters TV

Were you surprised at the different reactions? Would you set something up to watch humans? I think it would be amazing to see if individuals would act crazy around a huge mirror. Can you imagine? Some would be vain, while others would pick their noses. Some would talk to themselves while others would act out. Then again, some would just sit around the mirror and do nothing.

Maybe someone will do that for humans but this was a great video and should be shared by all. Make sure you add this article to your Facebook and Twitter page and let us know what you thought about the video below in the comment section.


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