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Liberal women are screaming patriarchy at every turn. They scream things aren’t fair because the patriarchy is working against them. But, one man used their arguments to fight back against an oppressive summer dress code.

Working in a full suit in the summer can be stifling. Women have the option of wearing a dress, but men don’t have that luxury. One man tried wearing shorts to work since women were able to wear a dress. He was sent home for a dress code violation. That’s when he got creative. In this hyper sensitive world, you can no longer challenge a man for wearing a dress. So, he wore a dress to prove a point and stay cool. As you can see in the tweets below, the results are hilarious!

He’s really got a point. If women can show off their legs, why can’t men? Legs are private parts so how is this equal treatment? Feminists like to scream about equality, but there isn’t any equality in this situation.

He sure got management’s attention! A change was made to the dress code to allow shorts!

Finally men score a win! This man’s creative solution helped not only himself but his male co-workers too!

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