Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley’s 8-year-old twins have been living full time with Priscilla during Lisa Marie’s nasty custody dispute with their father. But, there was a reunion over the weekend for a birthday celebration.

Lisa Marie was spotted at Priscilla’s house with her oldest daughter Riley Keough on May 29th. After arriving, the twins came running out to greet their mother and sister. They clearly were excited to see her.

This is the first time Lisa Marie has been spotted with the twins since February! She has been separated from them while the custody situation is being worked out. Lisa Marie is accusing their father of having child porn on her computer.

The three generations of Presley women came together to celebrate Riley’s 28th birthday.

Earlier this spring, Priscilla spoke about how she has custody of the twins. There had been rumors of them being in foster care at the time. Priscilla completely dispelled that by making this announcement.

There must be more to the story as to why the girls aren’t staying with their mother. It had previously been reported that she has a drug addict.¬†Perhaps the stress of the legal battle is forcing her to need some added help.

I’m sure they could use our prayers during this time. The daughters were obviously happy to see their mom.

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Source: Daily Mail