Hidden safe

As kids we always dream of finding hidden treasures. We tend to give up this dream after realizing it’s like searching for a needle in the haystack. But, one Tennessee man’s childhood dream became a reality when he was cleaning out his grandparents’ house.

Reddit user EvilEnglish said he discovered an ugly rug in a closet under his grandparent’s staircase. When he started pulling up the rug, he noticed the floor was different than everywhere else. It was concrete rather than hardwood.

He did a little poking around and found a safe buried in the floor! This was an incredibly exciting discovery as his grandma used to read him “Treasure Island” right there in that house and that’s where he found the treasure!

His grandparents collected firearms and coins so he found some good stuff as you can see in the pictures and the video below.

His grandparents may not have intended for that safe to be discovered by their grandson when they put it in, but what a terrific memory. He went on a bit of a treasure hunt and found some things that were important to his grandparents!

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Source: Dusty Old Thing