Evie Clair

Thirteen year old Evie Clair was nervous prior to her performance on America’s Got Talent. The Arizona native hails from a small town so she wasn’t accustomed to such an audience.

More importantly, she was there to sing a song for her father who has been fighting stage 4 colon cancer for a year. Her dad continues working despite the fact he only had a 5% chance of survival.

Evie got a bit emotional telling her story. She clearly loves her father very much. So much that she sings Christina Perri’s “Arms” to her father as he battles the disease. That’s the song she sang for America’s Got Talent.

She sang through her tears and absolutely nailed it. Even Christina Perri gave her two thumbs up.

You can hear Evie’s performance in the video below.

Wow! She’s got an incredibly unique voice that greatly compliments that song. We will probably see a lot of Evie in the future! I will certainly be praying for her family.

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Source: People

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