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The Trumps are a close-knit family. That fact is rather undeniable and it’s on full display in an adorable video that Donald Trump Jr. posted featuring his daughter Chloe!

The President’s namesake has five children with his wife Vanessa. He has a special morning routine with Chloe. Donald Jr. tickles her to make sure her legs are working and she reacts by giggling.

Her giggling is absolutely infectious. You can’t help but smile when you watch the two together.

You can see the adorable video below!


What great memories they are making! The younger Trump obviously has a special relationship with Chloe. She’ll always be Daddy’s Little Girl.

Donald Trump, Jr. took Chloe and his son Spencer to a Turning Point USA event. The pair wanted to come onstage with their dad. He obliged them, then he took a bit of a risk. He asked Chloe if she liked more, her grandpa, who is President Trump or Santa Claus. Mere days before Christmas, Chloe responded that her grandpa was her favorie. The crowd of thousands went wild!

This honest little girl didn’t hesitate out of concern for her Christmas presents. She was ready to show her love for her grandpa, even if that meant choosing him over Santa Claus! Donald Jr’s Instagram picture of that event is below. Chloe looks adorable in her dad’s arms and Spencer sits with a big smile on his face.

The Trump grandchildren are adorable. This is a tight-knit family. They love each other and it shows. If you want to see more of the Trump grandchildren having a good old time, watch this video of Ivanka’s son crawling for the first time in the White House. Theodore melted a lot of hearts with that video.

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