Derek Carr contract

Derek Carr became the highest paid football player in history with his recent deal with the Oakland Raiders. The quarterback gets $125 million for 5 years with a guaranteed $40 million at signing.

Carr isn’t your typical athlete. He doesn’t live extravagantly. In fact, he said the first thing he is going to do with his money is tithe. Carr is a proud Christian who puts his money where his mouth is.

Then he is going to go to Chick-Fil-A and get himself a chicken sandwich and some waffle fries! That’s not what you expect someone to splurge on when getting that much money! And he is going to be giving a lot of his money to charity as well. Derek Carr is a man who firmly believes in Jesus. He uses his fame and his money for good work as is referenced in the video below.

What a humble and grounded man! Let’s see how the media treats this proud Christian. Carr seems strong enough to face the same sort of criticism Tim Tebow gets for his religion. Like Tebow, Carr has a history of supporting missions and charities.

Chick-Fil-A took notice of Carr’s words. We probably can expect there to be some collaboration for good from the franchise and the quarterback.

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