Shari Lewis Hugh Puppy

Twelve-year-old Darci Farmer has gained the attention of many of Americans with her Gold Buzzer performance on America’s Got Talent. But, long before Darci was ever born, Sheri Lewis had us laughing with her puppets.

Darci probably studied Shari’s performances. You can certainly learn a lot from Shari. She entertained generations of children. While Lamp Chop was probably her most well-known puppet, Hush Puppy was popular too!

The video below features Hush Puppy and Shari in a 1970 Oral Roberts Easter special. Shari was the consummate entertainer, never breaking character even when Hush Puppy’s ear got in the way!


She was so loved by people of all age groups. She was so talented and really could make us laugh with her adorable puppets. Maybe Darci will be the next Shari Lewis!

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