Darci Farmer

Ventriloquism is a tough art to master. It takes a tremendous amount of skill. You have to master two voices in a conversation plus be funny, not to mention physically moving the puppet with your hand. But, one six grader has pretty much nailed it down.

Darci Farmer might someday be the female Jeff Dunham!

At the beginning of the school year, she entertained the other students and her teachers with a performance that will knock your socks off! She has achieved what takes adults years and years to master. She sings and tells jokes in different voices and without moving her lips.

Check out her performance in the video below. Just wait until you hear them yodeling!

Wow! She’s 11-12 years old and she has that down pat already! She also is very comfortable on stage. This kid is going places!

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H/T: Inspire More