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If you have ever owned a rescue dog, you know how appreciative they can be. Knowing love and freedom after bad situations can really cause them to thrive.

One little dog named Hope is the perfect example of this. She was born blind and deaf. She came from the home of a backyard breeder who didn’t care about the dogs, but rather saw the puppies as a stream of income. Therefore, no care was taken into choosing which dogs bred. This carelessness resulted in Hope acquiring the double dapper gene combination.

Fortunately, she was rescued by a family in Illinois who report that she is nothing but pure sunshine. She’s always smiling and never seems to complain about her situation. She doesn’t know anything different so she just thinks she is a dog! As you can see, she’s got a terrific smile that she sports quite often.

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The video below shows Hope in action being her adorable and happy self. Her sense of smell helps her get around.

She isn’t allowing her disabilities to interfere with her happiness. There is quite a lesson we can all learn from hope. Don’t be defined by what you can’t do!

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