You never know what they are going to discover in American Pickers. It’s amazing what people keep in their barns and garages. On a trip to Iowa, the Pickers discovered something incredibly nostalgic and cool that is going to be given a new life.

You don’t see many 1939 Ford Woodies, but one man had his dad’s still sitting in the barn! It was almost unrecognizable as it was covered in dust. The barn was so full of things that they had to go on a treasure hunt for the seats.

The Woodie was repurposed into a pickup truck for a very funny reason. Someone was riding in it when his shotgun blasted through the roof. So, they just cut it off and used it for chicken deliveries!

After they found the seats, they took the Woodie to the shop. A quick wash really showed what a beauty this vehicle was. Check out this hidden treasure in the video below.

That car is going to be gorgeous when it’s back on the road! I would love to see a Woodie on the street!

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