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President Trump took time out of his busy trip to Israel to meet with a 14 year old cancer patient, Emilee Imbur. It was Emilee’s dream to meet the President and it all came together with the help of President Netanyahu.

Any other president would have gotten media coverage of this, but the liberal media has been more focused on one picture of the Pope not smiling or the fact that the First Lady and the President didn’t hold hands. There has essentially been a blackout of Emilee Imbur’s meeting with President Trump.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a supporter of the hospital where Emilee Imbur gets treatment. He arranged for the meeting. After the duo chatted, the 14 year old cancer patient presented Trump with a letter saying that she hopes to see him again but next time at the White House.

This girl had a dream of meeting President Trump while he was in Israel and that’s exactly what happened! What a sweet memory for her and her family and what a kind gesture from the President!

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Source: Gateway Pundit

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