Triple H Sends Heartwarming Message to Special Needs Fan

Triple H is insanely busy these days, trying to juggle NXT, talent development, and charity work. Still, this doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make some time for his loyal fans. The following story is truly heartwarming, so be sure to read through all of it!

Meeting Luke

One of the fans Triple H surprised recently is 18-year-old Luke. Still, this was not the first time the Game met Luke, because he met him for the first time ten years ago in Cardiff, Wales. The Father of then 8-year-old Luke stated that this was a changing moment in the boy’s life.

Luke was born with a type of autism called spastic quadriplegia palsy. He was also diagnosed with epilepsy. This led doctors to believe that Luke would never walk or talk.

Still, there was one thing that Luke seemed to have an interest in – the WWE. Through the Starlight Children’s Foundation, Luke and his family got to attend their first WWE event.

When arriving at the WWE event several years ago, the Woodleys were surprised to see Triple H, who decided to hang out with them for a while. Luke also started to have a conversation, something doctors never thought he could do.

Ten Years Later

Renee Young & the Woodleys

Despite being insanely busy and not being able to visit the UK, Triple H still made time for the fan he met ten years ago. He left him a heartwarming video message and made the promise of seeing him during his next trip to the UK (video below).

Triple H also made the following statement:

“That’s a big part of what we do, and it’s probably the coolest part. One of the biggest privileges of what we do is to create something special for them. It’s hard to put into words that you make a difference in a kid’s life that you met in passing.”

Kurt Angle’s Message

Triple H was not the only one who sent a personal message to Luke, because Kurt Angle sent him a personal message too. So, underneath all those characters they play, most WWE superstars are seriously decent people underneath.

WWE Charity Work

Stephanie McMahon & Triple H

Everyone knows that the WWE is quite engaged in charity work. Recently, the organization raised more than $400,000 for children’s charities; this includes the Boys & Girls Club and the Brees Dream Foundation.

Of course, the WWE is involved in other charities too; Make-a-Wish foundation, Susan G. Komen, and many more. This is certainly a great aspect of wrestling everyone wants to be a part of.


In the often-corporate world of wrestling, it’s nice that something is given back to the community. The WWE is always engaged in charities, and so they should!

Still, I found this story particularly heartwarming. Triple H had a major impact on the life of Luke, something that must feel wonderful for him. I certainly hope he makes the time to meet Luke in the future, since I cannot wait to see the look on Luke’s face when he is face-to-face with his idol again.

What did you think about Luke & Triple H’s story?