Tim Allen Last Man Standing

Hollywood doesn’t usually cancel highly rated TV shows. That’s why it’s very strange that Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing was suddenly axed from next season’s lineup on ABC. The timing is suspicious as it comes on the heels of Tim calling out the left’s push to limit the free speech of conservatives.

Two months ago, while speaking with Jimmy Kimmel, Allen said that conservatives have to be quiet about their pro-Trump leanings. In Hollywood this is especially true as group think is the norm.

Allen’s character on his show is a politically-incorrect Christian. The show mocks the left on occasion. That’s why it has 6.4 million viewers and often wins its time slot for number of viewers. Conservatives tuned into the show because we know we wouldn’t be lectured on left wing talking points.

Why would a popular show like this be canceled? High ratings bring in more revenue from advertisements. Keeping a highly rated show such as Last Man Standing on the air is part of basic solid business practice. It appears ABC’s agenda regarding this show was not driven by money or good business practices.

Watch the clip below in which Tim mocks political correctness on college campuses. Do you think his political views had anything to do with this decision?


Since Hollywood does swing so far left, it is easy to be suspicious about this cancelation. The timing of this is so odd. As the resistance against President Trump increases, ABC executives put this very popular conservative show on the chopping block. It’s easy to understand why Tim Allen and his fellow castmates believe this was a politically driven decision.

Hopefully Tim finds another network who will respect his First Amendment rights!

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Source: Info Wars