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Deadliest Catch Captain Sig Hansen is a pretty tough man. But, he’s got a big heart for his daughter Mandy. So, when her boyfriend Clark Pederson asked Sig for permission to marry Mandy, Sig got choked up.

Sig knew the deckhand and his adopted daughter were dating but he apparently didn’t know it was this serious.

“With all the respect I have for her, you, your family, everything going on between us, you’ve already met my parents…the right thing to do would be ask you for permission to be able to take Mandy’s hand in marriage,” Clark said to the Captain.

Timing is everything and asking this life-changing question might not have been the best idea at the moment. Sig responded, “Now–when we’re fishing? I know you’re sincere, dude, but can we just, like, fish? I gotta absorb this. I know you’re thinking about Mandy all the time but right now, let’s think about fishing…and then me and you will have a pow wow.”

After the crew had a lucrative day with fishing, Sig got emotional thinking about Mandy. “I thought he’s just a boyfriend. I didn’t know Mandy was serious…I’ve got a lump in my throat. I don’t like it,” the Captain said.

If he wanted to know how serious the relationship is, all he had to do is look at Mandy’s Instagram account!

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Mandy joined the Northwestern’s crew in 2014. Spending time with Clark on the boat helped foster their relationship. You can see her being initiated by the crew in the video below.


Daddys can be very protective over their daughters. Sig clearly has Mandy’s wishes at heart. It’ll certainly be hard for him as she moves onto this next chapter in her life. Congratulations to this family!

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