Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood isn’t afraid to speak his mind, even when he’s surrounded by liberals. That’s exactly what the conservative acting legend did at the Cannes Film Festival.

While addressing a packed crowd, Eastwood said that his Dirty Harry movies would never have been made today because they would be deemed politically incorrect and would offend the softies.

“A lot of people thought it was politically incorrect,” Eastwood said of the 1971 film. “That was at the beginning of the era that we’re in now, where everybody thinks everyone’s politically correct.”

“We’re killing ourselves by doing that,” the former Carmel Mayor warned, stating that “we’ve lost our sense of humor.”

Clint Eastwood certainly doesn’t subscribe to Hollywood liberal group think, especially given that he made these comments surrounded by people who were left wingers.

He’s not afraid to speak his mind. Last year he called millennials the “pussy generation,” as you can see in the video below:

Clint Eastwood just seems to be getting better with age. He isn’t seeking praise from Hollywood liberals. He is more concerned about our country than he is about hurting the feelings of liberals!

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Source: Breitbart

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