Dexter Hellein

There’s a photo going viral of a baby who was born despite her mother having an IUD during pregnancy.

Dexter’s mother Lucy Hellein, a combat medic vet, was using a Mirena IUD as birth control when she became pregnant with Dexter. The doctor was unable to remove the IUD during her pregnancy so it was discovered as Dexter was born. Dexter’s picture of him holding the IUD after his birth has gone viral as it shows that life can conquer all!

This is a true story! The IUD was found during the C-Section and a nurse placed it in Dexter’s hand as a show of resilience. You can hear her speak about this in the video below.

Dexter’s original due date was Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, so his parents referred to him as a Jedi Baby. He sure proved that right as he overcame the odds to even be conceived!

This isn’t exactly good public relations for Mirena as its device failed, but Lucy sure is happy that Dexter overcame the odds! Sometimes you don’t know what you want until it arrives!

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