WWE Payback Predictions – With Broken Matt Hardy Gifs!

Less than a month after Wrestlemania we are already to our next Pay-Per-View, the Raw Exclusive (sorta) Payback.

Most of the matches are continuances of feuds starting at Wrestlemania, and there look to be some good matches on the card and one match that promises to be the weirdest match WWE has televised in years.

This is how we think the show will shake out. And to help us out, we decided to use some gifs of the hottest new signing to WWE, Broken Matt Hardy!

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Kevin Owens vs Chris Jericho for the US Title

Jericho’s side-project and sorta Jackyl cover band Fozzy is going on tour this summer, which all but guarantees KO is going to dominate and win this one.

I know this isn’t a “Broken” Matt gif, but it is from pre-WWE Kevin Owens interviewing pre-broken Matt Hardy.

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Winner: Kevin Owens

The Hardys vs Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Titles

You would think that the Hardys would retain in their first PPV defense since returning, but rumors are circulating that Vince wants to give Jeff another singles run and wants to bring the BROKEN gimmick that brought the Hardys back into the limelight to WWE TV.

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Prediction: Hardys Retain, but we get some hints that DELETION is coming

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt House of Horrors Match

No one has any idea what is going to happen in this match, which has people nervous. Their Mania match was heavy on the weirdness but had a finish that fell flat both live and for those watching at home.

Bray’s “House of Horrors” match would mean something completely different in an era where WWE wasn’t afraid to use blood and gore. So expect a lot of magic and some weirdness and the possibility that the match doesn’t even happen in the ring, the building, or this dimension. Maybe they’ll shoot fireworks and power bolts at each other? We have NO way of knowing

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Prediction: This “match” is not for Orton’s WWE title, which leads us to suspect that Bray wins and firmly moves to Raw to face off against Finn Balor. 

Neville vs Austin Aires for the Cruiserweight Title

Expect a lot of fireworks and fun spots in this match. These guys took a Mania kick-off timeslot and absolutely killed it! I expect a lot of the same.

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Prediction: Neville retains and continues his reign as the evil King of the North uh Cruiserweights

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title

I feel like this feud hasn’t been given enough time to breathe. This seems like a chapter in the story that is leading us to Sasha turning on Bayley. Even still Alexa Bliss is a great talent and has proven her ability to hang with the best. Despite the story and a weird build, I have hopes this match will satisfy us.

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Prediction: Bayley retains but Sasha interferes again.

Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe

In a match that was supposed to happen at Fastlane, The Destroyer and the Kingslayer will finally square off for the first time not in a random gym in southern Indiana. These are the two best wrestlers on the roster, by far. If they’re given the time to do their thing, they’ll put on the match of the night.

Joe, still operating under orders of Triple H, will look to destroy Rollins

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 Prediction: Samoa Joe wins in a bruiser of a match.

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

A lot of fans want Reigns to go away

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But that isn’t going to happen. He is Vince’s guy come hell or low-ratings. Strowman has been built into a monster and a lot of people are worried that whole push is just to have him fed to Reigns. I disagree. It is clear that they have big plans for Strowman and see him has a draw. He also is the most likely challenger to Brock at Great Balls of Fire. Don’t expect Braun to be “buried.”

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Prediction: Roman tries his hardest but Braun just tosses him aside. 

What do you think is going to happen at Payback? Share your thoughts.