Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty just had its season finale. Rolling Stone couldn’t let the occasion go without throwing stones at the Louisiana family. Like a typical limousine liberal, Rob Sheffield decided to insult the Robertsons by calling them “hypocritical Christian-right hillbillies.”

Sheffield also took aim at Korie Robertson in an attempt to sexually demean her. “The sexual innuendo just made it all creepier, like the scene when Willie’s wife winks to the camera, ‘There’s really only one way to convince a Robertson man to do anything. All you’ve got to do is make him think it’s his idea. Actually, there are two ways, but I save the other one for special occasions.’ It’s the ‘Robertson man’ that makes the moment so unforgettably skeevy – jeez, how many of her husband’s brothers is she claiming to have blown?,”  he wrote.

If Sheffield were speaking about a liberal woman, the feminists would be after him with pitchforks, but the left wing media finds it completely acceptable to do this to a conservative Christian.

Sheffield even went so far as to say the Robertsons’ beards look fake! Sounds like Sheffield might be projecting his own issues here. He just couldn’t let the opportunity to bash this Christian family.

The season finale highlighted Uncle Si’s retirement from Duck Commander. You can see some clips from that episode in the video below. Uncle Si was both roasted and serenaded as he bid farewell to the family business. I don’t see anything mockable from this video.

Sheffield apparently is threatened by a successful Christian family who thanks God for their many blessings. It must be burdensome to go through life with such a heavy chip on his shoulder.

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