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Piers Morgan was an avid defender of Kim Kardashian. A few years ago, he recognized that she wasn’t meant to be anything serious. But, those days are over. The journalist and TV personality wrote an op-ed about Kim’s negative impact on society and he didn’t hold back.

Piers took exception to Kim’s recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Kim said that she was glad she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris several months ago. She believes it was meant to happen so that she would be less materialistic. Yes, that’s right, she claims that she isn’t materialistic anymore.

You can watch that part of the interview in the video below.

A quick look at Kim’s social media proves that she’s still very materialistic. Perhaps she changed her security habits, but her priority is making money above and beyond everything else.

Piers pointed out that Kim is selling “ass trays” on her Kimoji website. These are ash trays with a picture of Kim’s butt on the inside. Does this sound like something someone would do who isn’t materialistic anymore?

Piers pointed out a litany of Kim’s hypocrisy. She is still dripping in materialism:

“Other Kimoji merchandise includes hats and T-shirts with pro-drugs message like ‘Never Not High’ and ‘Lit Tie Dye rolling paper’.

Oh, and a peach heart emoji that says ‘PNP’. That’s a slang term used mainly by gay men on sex apps like Grindr to denote ‘Party’n’Play’. It means they are interested in having high-risk, often unprotected sex with strangers while taking drugs like methamphetamine and GHB.

On the hit reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim is always careful to maintain an abstemious image – no drugs and very little alcohol.

But it would seem that once she’s hooked her young fans into THAT image of nice, decent purity, she then urges them on her social media sites to spend big money on stuff actively promoting a very different lifestyle.

It’s hugely profitable, and hugely cynical.”

Piers said that Kim exploits her own children to cash in. He implores everyone to stop keeping up with the Kardashians.

“I want them gone from public life, expunged from the airwaves, thrown off the newsstands, and extinguished from the celebrity ether.

They’ve become a pitiful parody of stinking, sobbing hypocrisy that should no longer be encouraged or tolerated in civilised society.

It’s time to boot Kim Kardashian and her gigantic, surgically enhanced backside into the same obscurity from which she once crawled thanks to that infamous sex tape.”


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Source: Daily Mail

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