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Josh Groban Sticks It To Hollywood By Being A Proud Christian!

Singer Josh Groban shocked Hollywood by refusing to indulge in salacious questions.

It isn’t easy being a Christian in Hollywood. In the Land of the Stars, the belief is that sex sells but God doesn’t.

But, Josh Groban is an artist who doesn’t care what Hollywood thinks of him. He is not ashamed of being a Christian and he acts accordingly.

Josh shocked Hollywood when he was booked as a guest on the first episode of Jenny McCarthy’s talk show but reportedly walked off the set after seeing what questions he was going to be asked.

Josh makes sure that his public persona reflects his beliefs. When he learned that Jenny was going to ask him questions like, “What music do you listen to when you make love?” Josh knew that was no place for someone who lived a Christian lifestyle to be.

Groban doesn’t need attention from outlandish questions to increase his popularity or album sales. His God-given talent carries him much further than inappropriate questions ever will!

Josh also defies Hollywood by singing Christian songs. And he does so in such a powerful manner that his faith is clearly undeniable. You can hear it and see it in his performances.

Watch him sing “You Raise Me Up” in the video below:

Josh is a powerful singer. It’s so terrific that he uses his talents to praise God. That is something that is rare in Hollywood. He proves you can be both successful and Christian, despite the celebrity culture that promotes skin and sex.

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