Firemen are brave heroes in our community. But a particular group of firemen became huge heroes without realizing it!

Everyone Thought They Were Brave Firemen, But In Reality They…

A fire started in the grasslands close to a farm.

The county fire department rushed to the scene, but the fire was more than they could handle.

Someone suggested calling the volunteer fire department.

Despite some doubt that they would be of any assistance, they were called.

The volunteers arrived in a dilapidated old fire truck.

They rumbled straight towards the fire, drove right into the middle of the flames and stopped!

The firefighters jumped from the truck and frantically started spraying water in all directions.

Soon they had snuffed out the center of the fire, leaving two parts which were easily put out.

As the farmer watched all this, he was impressed and grateful that his house and farm had been spared.

He quickly got his checkbook and donated $1000 to the volunteer fire department.

A local news reporter asked the volunteer fire captain how they planned to use the funds.

The captain replied, “The first thing we’re gonna do is get the brakes on our fire truck fixed!”

I guess they were still heroes in the end!

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