Now that Bill O’Reilly has been pushed out of Fox News, politically-correct liberals have set their sights on his correspondent Jesse Watters.

While on The Five, Watters was commenting on how Ivanka Trump was booed at a Women’s Summit in Germany after she spoke about her father’s support of families. Watters ended his comments by saying,¬†“I really like how she was speaking into that microphone.”

Of course they are implying that Watters made a sexually demeaning comment about the First Daughter. Given the accusations of sexual harassment against Fox News, the timing of his comment was ripe for liberals to jump. But, when you look at the broader scope of what he said, it is benign. He agreed with what Ivanka said.

What is wrong with what he said? Watters explained his comment on Twitter.

Watters is now taking a family vacation, so liberals believe they scored another victory in ousting a conservative at Fox News.

This is a bunch of nonsense. It appears the only people with the lewd thoughts are the people who think he said something offensive. If he had said this prior to these accusations against the network, nobody would have thought anything about it. The left is trying to turn us into a country of wusses.

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Source: USA Today

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