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Flip Wilson and George Carlin were quite the comedy duo. George was a writer on Flip’s hit show and would often present the news with him. Viewers were sure to laugh when this happened.

This was back when you could watch comedy shows with your kids. There wasn’t any concern they would hear something inappropriate and you could all laugh together. There wasn’t any foul language or inappropriate behavior and the jokes were still funny!

The Flip Wilson Show was a favorite of many Americans at the time. At one time, it was the second highest rated show of all network television. It was even an Emmy Award winner.

If you could use a laugh, the video below will deliver! George and Flip delivered the news as Salt and Pepper unlike anyone else in two combined news reports.


New Jersey jokes have been around for a long time!

I love how George Carlin sometimes he cuts himself off to take a moment to re-read what he just wrote and make those “What the heck?” faces. Like he’s saying “Am I reading that right?” They both are funny, but George Carlin really added a lot of personality to his news reports. Hippy Dippy!

This video is from so long ago that even George Carlin didn’t swear! It’s from an era when families could gather around the TV and laugh together! Like other shows of this era, it was family friendly.

George eventually stepped out of Flip’s shadow and went on to become a legendary comic in his own right, entertaining us for decades. Rolling Stone ranked Carlin as the second-best stand up comic of all time, right behind Richard Pryor.

If you liked this video, click here to see George and Flip deliver another hilarious news report!

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