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Dogs are such loyal companions. Their love seems to know no bounds. They accept us for who we are and love us despite all of our faults. But, that love and respect is not always reciprocated. That’s why animal rescues are so important.

Willow is a mastiff. Her breeder wanted her gone because she had Swimmer’s Syndrome. Simply put, she was unable to walk without therapy. The breeder didn’t want to invest any money or time in her. He wanted her out of the way so he could quickly and easily sell her littermates.

Thankfully, Second Chances Rescue stepped up when she was three-weeks-old. Willow had such a severe case and her therapy started immediately. But, at three months, she was right on track for development. Now she is a dog that everyone wants!

Watch the wonderful story about a terrific dog and the people who loved and believed in her in the video below.

What a gorgeous dog! Her coat and her demeanor just are perfect! She went from being considered disposable to being wanted by everyone because some volunteers believed in her!

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