Michael Casteel

Fifty-six-year0old Michael Casteel might be viewed as a hero to some American men. The Sioux Falls man ran back into his burning apartment not once, but twice to rescue his beer from the flames.

First responders were not pleased with Casteel’s burning love for beer. They didn’t want to have to risk their lives to rescue him. But, this man is so┬ádevoted to his brew that he was arrested for disobeying orders to leave his beer in the burning multi-family home.

This had people wondering what kind of beer is so good that it’s worth risking your life and being arrested!

While this is a pretty funny story, ultimately it’s never a good idea to put first responders’ lives at risk and that’s what this man did.

Casteel may have learned his lesson when he was tossed in jail. They certainly don’t serve beer there, although his face doesn’t seem to show any regret in the picture below.

This man clearly has a thing for beer. Now he has an arrest record – and a very funny story. Some heroes don’t wear capes and sometimes they end up in jail too!

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Source: WPXI

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