Toby Keith

Toby Keith got a lot of backlash from the left for performing at the Inaugural Concert. Keith, who didn’t publicly support anyone in the election, thought it was an honor to perform for his fellow Americans and celebrate the peaceful transition of power. Keith spoke out about the experience and the effect it had on him.

Keith said asking performers to back out of the Inaugural concert was further dividing our nation. He said performing in that kind of pressure cooker was the right thing to do. He supports our troops and our country no matter who is living at the White House.

Keith said the entire situation made him stronger. At the 2017 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, the county star said, “In the end, it just makes you stronger. If you don’t succumb to that kind of pressure, you’ll always come out stronger: Your fans will love you more, your friends will love you more, and at the end of the day, you just get another notch on your gun belt.”

Not only is Keith a stronger person because of the experience, anyone who watched the concert enjoyed one heck of a show! You can see his performance in the video below.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That saying is old, but so very profound. When we make it through a high pressure situation, it prepares us for the next fight. Great job, Toby!

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