Crying Hillary Supporter

Actions have consequences. If you don’t show up for work to play hooky, you could get fired. That’s the reality of living in the real world and having a job in the private sector. And this is what a liberal feminist Hillary-supporter learned when she ditched work for the women’s strike.

The woman posted her complaint on Reddit. She wants to blame everyone, except the person who deserves it – herself. This is the consequence of living in Obama’s America for 8 years where the rule of law and order weren’t respected.

She needs that employer more than the employer needs her. She is replaceable and now she is being replaced as you can see in the screenshot below.

This entitled liberal wasn’t the only person who learned that actions have consequences because of this strike.

Women’s March organizer and Sharia Law supporter Linda Sarsour was also arrested for blocking traffic outside of Trump Tower in New York. The video of her arrest is below. It’s as if they didn’t expect to be arrested for sitting in the street!

We have rules and laws that we need to follow. If you block traffic, you get arrested. If you screw over your employer, you get fired. Those are the consequences of living in the real world.

I am expecting this fired liberal to head to Go Fund Me with her hand out, expecting others to support her. I’ll take a pass!

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H/T: Truthfeed

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