Pedro Viloria

When you go through a McDonald’s drive-thru, you aren’t expecting to find your hero at the window. But, that’s exactly what an off-duty Florida police officer found as she drove up with her kids for breakfast.

The police officer was having a medical emergency all while her children were in the car with her. Pedro Viloria was working the drive-thru and immediately sprang into action. He jumped right through the window and to her car!

“(I thought,) ‘Oh my God, this woman is unconscious. I’ve got to do something, because she’s going to crash, maybe,’” Viloria said.

The car narrowly missed another car, hitting a curb instead. Pedro ran back into the restaurant for help. Thankfully, a paramedic was inside and rushed out to help the police officer.

You can see the stunning act of heroism in the dramatic video below. God was clearly looking out for this police officer as she found much more than hash browns at the drive-thru that morning.

With so much bad news today, it’s terrific to see two strangers working together to save someone. The McDonald’s drive-thru doesn’t seem to be the right place for anything like this to happen, but these two men were right there to help. Thank God she wasn’t on the highway when she got ill!

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H/T: Fox News

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