Cash me Ousside

Danielle Brogoli is certainly enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. The 13-year-old became a hot meme after her “street talk” and behavior had half of the country mocking her.

The young teen is out of control. She steals cars, hits her mother and is disrespectful towards everyone. But, something she said to the audience as they laughed at her nonsense that really stood out.

“Cash me outside. Howbow dah?” This translates into “catch me outside, how about that?” She was threatening everyone in the audience to go outside and fight her! This little 13-year-old trying to be so tough! No wonder they all laughed.

You can watch the video below. Kids certainly didn’t act like this when I was growing up!

Dr. Phil has a theory about Danielle that seems to be right on target. He thinks Danielle is acting defensive to avoid getting hurt. Watch what he has to say in the video below.

This girl has some serious issues. Hopefully she can get herself under control because there is no way she will last long as an adult. Being a meme isn’t a good career choice. This certainly won’t be funny when she’s 20 and in jail.

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