Michael Bublé baby

Fans of Michael Bublé have been praying for the singer’s young son who has been battling cancer. Three year old Noah was diagnosed with cancer in the fall.

Those prayers have been answered. The singer’s sister-in-law reportedly told Argentinian reporter Tomas Dente that Noah is now cancer free!

Michael Bublé took to Facebook to confirm that Noah is “progressing well.”  He also thanked the doctors, caretakers, and God for this miracle for his sweet little boy.

Thank God! There really is nothing worse than having an ill child. Now Noah can get back into the swing of his preschool life and leave the hospital in the rearview mirror.


A video about this wonderful news from Entertainment Today is below.

Thankfully Noah’s treatment lasted a handful of months. Hopefully he can bounce back from the ill effects of it all soon.

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H/T: Unilad