Willie Nelson

Country legend Willie Nelson is going through some health struggles right now.

It is no surprise that that an 83 year old man who has lived as hard as he has is going through health problems. But Willie seems timeless, doesn’t he?

That’s why this 1996 live recording of “Too Sick to Pray” really hits me in the gut.

Read these haunting lyrics:

But I’m feelin’ okay, Lord
And I’m glad that I called You today
Never needed You more
I woulda called You before
But I’ve been to sick to pray

Willie is need of prayer from all of us right now.

Watch the haunting and beautiful song below.

Haunting. I’ll pray for Willie and hope he gets better soon.

I’m sure he has some special “medicine” that he’ll be using and he’ll be back on tour in no time.

Willie Nelson is a national treasure, so I hope he’s around for a lot more time.

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