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Hollywood got served up some hilarious karma last night during the Academy Awards. These leftists were so excited to make radical political speeches that they forgot to get the details of the winners correct. I cannot think of a group of people who deserve this mess more!

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were given the honor of announcing Best Picture and boy did they mess it up! First Warren Beatty seemed to have issues reading the card. Many of us were wondering if it was a cognition issue.

Beatty stammered and had Faye Dunaway make the announcement. Then utter chaos ensued as Hollywood realized it had flubbed up the biggest moment of the night.

When the mistake was corrected, Beatty tried to explain the gaffe. Beatty noticed it was the wrong envelope but he had Faye Dunaway make the announcement anyhow! He threw her completely under the bus! Let’s hear the feminists scream about the Hollywood patriarchy!

Faye Dunaway has a right to be furious at Warren Beatty! On Hollywood’s biggest night of the year, he had the opportunity to be the hero and correct this massive mistake. Instead he handed the card to Dunaway and let her play the role of the fool.

I can imagine Faye’s current mood resembles the video below.

Steve Harvey is now completely off the hook. Warren Beatty’s flub was a lot worse than Harvey’s at Miss Universe.¬†

This huge mistake has made my entire week. This was the worst announcement of the night to flub up and it was done in legendary style. The self-righteous Hollywood hypocritical liberals deserved this mess!

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