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The left has been viciously attacking Ivanka Trump since her father was elected President. She has been personally targeted and harassed in front of her children and then stores started dropping her apparel in what appears to be political retribution.

But, these companies should look at what happened to Macy’s after it dropped Donald Trump’s line in 2015 over his comments about building a border wall with Mexico. The companies dropping Ivanka’s products may face similar issues.

Since dropping Trump’s line, Macy’s stock plummeted more than 50%! That’s rather shocking. In July 2015, the stock was worth $72 a share. But, it’s currently trading at $32.

That’s a huge kick in the gut for the retail giant. Their brand is well known, but it appears there have been major side effects to taking on Donald Trump.

Now Macy’s is facing leftist bullies who are trying to get them to drop Ivanka’s line as well. We don’t know right now if they will collapse under the pressure, but they should look closely at what happened the last time they dropped a Trump brand.

Ivanka Trump’s clothes are in high demand. The dress she wore to the RNC sold out in hours, so it’s hard to understand why it would be a good business decision to drop the line.

As you can see in the video below, Ivanka Trump has a classic and graceful sense of fashion. That appeals to a lot of Americans who don’t even care about politics.

Nordstrom and Sears need to take a look at the long-term effects Macy’s has dealt with since dropping Donald Trump merchandise. Their balance sheet could take a beating if they continue waging political warfare with their customers.

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