Wynonna Judd

A lot of attention has been paid to actress Ashley Judd’s vulgar speech during the Women’s March.

But, someone very close to her felt the need to put some distance between herself and Ashley’s far-left views.

Ashley’s sister Wynonna Judd clearly is not in agreement. She took to Twitter to make sure her fans know that she doesn’t share her sister’s radical leftist extremism.

Many of us don’t agree with our siblings’ point of view. And that’s okay! As Wynonna pointed out, we can only be responsible for ourselves.

If you’re curious about what Ashley said, you can see her addressing the vagina hat-wearing feminists in the video below. But be warned: It’s full of progressive craziness!

Wynonna, in her response, chose patriotism over politics. That’s something that people on both sides of the aisle should respect! Wynonna performs for the troops and is a proud American!

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